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Grey Phalarope
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Image details:  
Image Description: Grey Phalarope
Image notes: Grey Phalaropes have the same strange breeding habits as the Red-necked Phalarope. The females actively chase the males. When mated the male broods the eggs and takes care of the young till fledged while the females gather together to feed and preen. They are said to winter in the plankton-rich waters off West Africa.
Species in Image: Grey Phalarope
Date: 1991
Area: Spitsbergen
Old Haa Image Reference Number: btc08139SP

General details:  
Common Name Grey Phalarope
Latin Name Phalaropus fulicarius
Latin Group Name Charadriiformes
Latin Family Name Scolopacidae
Common Family Name Sandpipers, Snipes, Godwits, Curlews and Phalaropes
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