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An Ivory Gull stands on the edge of a pier Two Glaucous Gulls perched on a rock Red-throated Diver and young
Birds Photographed in Shetland
Birds photographed in
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St. John's-wort flowers among grass. Sea Aster grows on the side of a cliff. Lesser Twayblade in close-up
Shetland Wildflowers
Wildflowers photographed in Shetland.
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A Bearded Seal. A Grey Seal pup on the rocks An Otter at Gossabrough. East Yell
Mammals Photographed in Shetland
Mammals photographed in and around Shetland.
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The island of Gruney.Northmavine. Landing at Urie, Fetlar. Hermaness, Unst
Shetland Scenery
Scenes of life in and around Shetland.
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A Pale-bellied Brent Goose by a small loch Black Guillemot Snow Bunting
Wild Arctic - Birds
Birds photographed in the 'wild Arctic'.
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Svalbard Poppy Marsh Saxifrage Tufted Saxifrage
Wild Arctic - Flowers
Wildflowers photographed in the 'wild Arctic'
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Arctic Fox Arctic Fox {right.pic2name}
Wild Arctic - Mammals
Mammals photographed in the 'wild Arctic'
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There is now a dedicated website for the Old Haa:

The Old Haa - Its History
The Old Haa - Its History

This substantial old building, known locally as ‘Da Haa o’Brough’ (The Hall of Brough) was built in 1672 by Robert Tyrie, proprietor and fish merchant, trading with  merchants from Hamburg etc. These merchants formed a guild called the Hanseatic League, it was a political as well as commercial association, and acted as protection from  pirates, however the pirates won in the end when, in 1696, they attacked the Hansa merchants in their shore trading booths in Shetland. This trauma together with other factors, such as the British 1715 salt tax, ended this lucrative trade with Shetland.

For more than 200 years this house was home to a succession of merchants who also owned the Brough estate, till in 1842, a new house was built even nearer to the trading booths on the shore and the ‘Old Haa’ received its first tenants.

The Old Haa - A Museum and Visitor Centre

The Old Haa - A Museum and Visitor Centre

In 1984, the newly formed ‘Old Haa Trust’ started and the work of transforming this historic building to an attraction for visitors. Now, 20 years later, the ground floor area is divided into a local history museum, and a tea room in what was the old kitchen,  a gallery and craft shop in what was called ‘The Old Smithy” which was said to have been used as a school before the blacksmith arrived, it is now connected by a door into the main building.

On the second floor is the local history exhibition room, which is changed each year, and the natural history room with its whale jaw and lifelike pair of otters - victims of a sad road accident about 10 years ago.  This is the room where the Bobby Tulloch collection will be viewed, starting in Spring 2005. Between these rooms are two smaller rooms. They house the archives: many albums of local photographs and family history on computer and  microfilm.

The attic rooms are used for storage and rooms in the Old Smithy are used as a project room and a recording studio.

Outside the building there’s a back garden with picnic table and old-fashioned herbaceous borders. In front of the house is a monument to the airmen who lost their lives in 1942 in a Catalina crash on the moors of South Yell.

Another monument is at the planning stage and is to be unveiled in Spring 2005. It is to be dedicated to the memory of Bobby Tulloch.

Project Assitance

We are grateful to the following organisations for providing assistance with this project:

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