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Raven chicks in the nest
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Image details:  
Image Description: Raven chicks in the nest
Image notes: Ravens don't usually kill animals, but instead scavange animals which have already died through other causes.
Species in Image: Raven
Date: 1973
Area: Yell
Old Haa Image Reference Number: btc01978

General details:  
Common Name Raven
Latin Name Corvus corax
Shetland Name Corbie
Latin Group Name Passeriformes
Latin Family Name Corvidae
Common Family Name Crows and Jays
Description Fairly common breeding resident and scarce passage migrant. One of the first records of the corbie is in a 1615 statue requiring landowners to present the heads of pests species. In the 1680s half a merk would be paid for their heads.
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