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A nest of three Whimbrel eggs
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Image details:  
Image Description: A nest of three Whimbrel eggs
Image notes: Whimbrel nests are better furnished than the nest of its cousin the Curlew.
Species in Image: Whimbrel
Date: 1967
Area: Fetlar
Old Haa Image Reference Number: btc00849

General details:  
Common Name Whimbrel
Latin Name Numenius phaeopus
Shetland Name Peerie Whaap
Latin Group Name Charadriiformes
Latin Family Name Scolopacidae
Common Family Name Sandpipers, Snipes, Godwits, Curlews & Phalaropes
Description Fairly common breeding bird and passage migrant. Highest numbers are from May to August. Whimbrels like the short stunted vegetation of the dryer hills for nesting, the four pointed egg laid in a mere scrape.
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