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HOME Image Galleries Mammals Photographed in Shetland
Common NameScientific NameShetland NameImages
OtterLutra lutraDraatsi12 images
Common SealPhoca vitulinaSelkie15 images
Grey SealHalichoerus grypusSelkie9 images
Harp SealPhoca groenlandica2 images
Bearded SealErignathus barbatus7 images
Hooded SealCystophora cristata7 images
WalrusPhoca rosmarus5 images
Pilot WhaleGlobicephala melaenaCaain Whale5 images
PorpoisePhocena phocenaPellik or Neesik4 images
Risso's DolphinGrampus griseus4 images
White Sided DolphinLagenorhynchus actus1 images
RabbitOrytolagus cuniculusKjuning3 images
Blue HareLepus timidus1 images
Field MouseApodemus sylvaticusHill Mus0 images
HedgehogErinaceus europaeus3 images
Long Eared BatPlecotus auritus2 images
FerretMustela putoriusWhiteret2 images
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