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A Photographer's Life

Welcome to which features images from the Bobby Tulloch Collection. The collection was donated to the Old Haa Trust by his surviving family and reflects Bobby's passion for nature. This site is a memorial to a man held in high regard by those who knew him and gives the images a global audience.

In his book, 'Migrations', Bobby writes, "I have been privileged to see some lovely, unspoiled places left in this overcrowded world of ours, together with a selection of birds, beasts and flowers which have been in existence since long before man came to exercise his 'dominion over the fowls of the air and the fishes of the sea.' Some believe this to be a God-given right, but I cannot help wondering if perhaps there might have been a transcription error and that God really meant 'responsibility.' If we could accept and live by that, the world might be a better place."

Work of Bobby Tulloch
A group of Herring Gulls on Midyell Pier Pomarine Skua prepares to take flight  Snow Buntings
Birds Photographed in Shetland
Birds photographed in
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A Northern Marsh Orchid in close-up St. John's-wort flowers among grass. Moutain Everlasting grows beside a road.
Shetland Wildflowers
Wildflowers photographed in Shetland.
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A Common Seal & pup by the water's edge Risso's Dolphins A Ferret crawls among the sea pink
Mammals Photographed in Shetland
Mammals photographed in and around Shetland.
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